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Welcome to Freedom Day Consulting Services, Inc.

FDC Services, Inc. believes an investment company should do more than simply sell educational materials to inquiring investors. The company should be a leader -- showing by example how to get the greatest strength out of various markets. FDC Services prides itself on the fact that it has never received a single payment from an investor; we make our money by practicing what we preach, and preaching what we practice . . . and business is always good.

The various investment opportunities and investment strategies included in this site are not only ones that we helped create, everyone of them are ones that we have invested in ourselves. They all resolve around the simple idea that negotiating terms is most important element of investing . . . because investing with zero cost will always make investors more money.

Our investors have made millions of dollars in equity positions with these unique turn key properties.

Click on link below for an example on how negotiating terms over price can increase an investor's return.


Why Use FDC Services?

Ask this question to yourself as you read our website. For some investors, their format may be best for them, but for many other investors, the form and structure of the deals we put together will have lower cost, less risk, and greater returns than what they could do on their own. Our philosophy is not to sell ourselves to an investor - again, we never charge investors a penny. Instead we just want to reveal ourselves to investors . . . because the more investors we work with, the more power we have to negotiate; and that is good for everyone. The economy will always have more deals than investors; we just want to help capture the better deals off the top. Let us know if you think we can help you too.

Ken Zimmerman, President of FDC Services, Inc.

Simple Thoughts and Quotes To Remember When Investing . . .

  • Investing in real estate should not be considered as a get rich quick scheme; it is a get filthy rich over time scheme.
  • Investors should be more fixated with the return "of their money," than the return "on their money."
  • Most real estate "How To" books are sold nationwide even though national markets are not remotely consistent. Whew . . . at least royalties are equally paid from everywhere.
  • You can't make more money than the market allows, but the average investor will retain far less.
  • There is more money to be made in a slow market than there is waiting on the sidelines.
  • For every investment property owned, the property is not the investment-- the amount of money trapped therein is.
  • Smarter investors already know their exit strategy before they buy a property.
  • Maximizing the return on one transaction is not the same as maximizing the growth of your wealth; more often than not, they are opposites.

So what do they all mean? Investing is about growing your wealth . . . it is about taking your current available money and growing it into the greatest amount of future money. Too many investors get sidetracked; they get sold on the idea of investing independently for single returns, and not for cumulative growth. It is a main reason why the average investor retains only a fraction of their true potential wealth. Investing is not hard . . . it just takes fundamental business practices that are too often over looked. Let us help show you how simple it can be to make it more profitable again.

Investor Benefits

  • Investor Quote: "This is as close you can come to a blue chip stock in the investment equity industry."
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  • The average investor can do better than double their current returns just by more efficiently leveraging their investment portfolio.  Regardless of your investment style, preferences, or strategies, understanding how to stretch your current dollar further will greatly increase your future wealth. 
    Learn more about your ability to utilize 1031 Tax Exchange.

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