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What Makes the GOZone So Good
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GOZone Qualified Properties

Why is there so much hype about the GOZone?

Counties that are within the GOZone

Many investors have heard of the GoZone, but few understand the monetary advantages. The term stands for "Governmental Opportunity Zone," which was enacted by Congress after the devastation to the Gulf-coastal regions from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. There are two primary benefits to qualifying real property in the GOZone: 1) Governmental Tax Benefits & 2) Increased Appreciation.

Governmental Tax BenefitsTake more depreciation up front:
Although the full extent of the GOZone's tax advantage is expansive and varies slightly among the different areas, the largest benefit falls into one simple category – Accelerated Depreciation. Investors and real estate professionals who purchase qualified real property within the GOZone may be able to take up to 50% of the property's depreciation in the first year. Not all persons may qualify for the full extent of the tax benefit (depending on each investor's specific tax/income structure), but much of the write-offs may be carried over into future years, and/or back dated for past years to help benefit everyone. (See your tax consultant to determine the best structure for individual situations.) For example: If an investor purchased a unit for $300,000.00, $50,000.00 of which was non-depreciable land, then that investor would have a total of $250,000.00 in depreciation write-offs. Under normal situations, this would allow the investor to write-off approximately $9,100.00 per year (based on the IRS standard amortization period of 27.5 years), but under the GOZone benefit, a qualified investor could write off up to $125,000.00 in the first year. If the qualifying investor was ultimately in a 28% tax basis, this would amount to $35,000.00 of received financial earnings just in the first year (in addition to rent, appreciation, and other benefits). When you consider the fact that FDC Services has secured 10% down / 90% financing for their GOZone projects, a qualifying investor could conceivably regain every penny of the initial capital in just their first year. Simply put, after one year, an investor could basically own property with $30,000.00+ equity, FOR FREE.

Location, Location, AppreciationGOZone is one of today's strongest appreciating markets:
There is a reason why the entire GoZone has been hailed as one of the three strongest real estate markets in the country. It has had the greatest rise of appreciation over the past three years – Average of over 20% appreciation since the hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005), and it also has some of the strongest economic factors supporting its growth in commerce and population. The end result is that the appreciation in the area will steadily increase despite other "declines" in the US real estate market. Strength of a market does not just mean high appreciation, it also means constant appreciation. The predicted longevity of growth in the GOZone is conservatively expected to maintain an upward trend for at least five more years. When added to the tax-benefits from the IRS, GOZone economics not only make it one of the most profitable investment areas in the country, it is also clearly one of the safest.

In addition to the GOZone Area Benefits, FDC Services and Hanover Development have included incentive packages that provide extra strength and extra security to their investments. These incentives include the following:

  • Qualifying Properties for GO Zone Act
  • Pre-Established Equity Immediately Upon Purchase
  • Zero Closing Costs with Conventional Financing
  • 10% Capital Down / 90% Financing
  • Positive Net Cash Flow – Rental Assurance Program*
  • All Taxes, Insurance, and Association Dues Paid by Developer*
  • Some of the Nation’s Strongest Market Appreciation.

            *Up to the first 30 months

The economics of the market provide perfect conditions for continued stable appreciation, FDC Services and Hanover provide Positive Net Cash Flow - Rental Assurance Program and cost payments, the government provides the greatest tax advantage in real estate history. Together, they provide the safest, simplest, and strongest investment in the country.

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