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Leveraging the Currency Exchange Rate:

Greater Growth When Combining two Positive Markets

For the international investor, the opportunity to own American Real Estate is now simpler, safer, and stronger than ever before. The weakened U.S. dollar makes the U.S. real estate market is more lucrative for foreign investors than it is Americans. (And we already love it here.)

For example, the Canadian dollar is even with the U.S. dollar for the first time in 25 years. As recently as 2001, the American dollar was valued at 45% over the Canadian dollar. This recent devaluation of the American dollar will reverse over the next couple years as US currency regains its strength. Even if the valuation only goes back up 25%, you would still get a $1.25 in Canadian currency for every U.S. Dollar of value. For every dollar you invest, you would receive a $1.25 in return; for every additional dollar made, you will receive $1.25 in return. An unlike the standard foreign currency market--which does not allow for compounding of your money--real estate does. You are able to leverage and compound the exchange rate for greater profits.

An example would be a $300,000.00 unit in a market appreciating 5% creates $15,000.00 of additional equity per year -- $30,000.00 in two years. In addition to the equitable Purchase of real estate with exchange rate factor profits created by the real estate market, the arbitrage of currency will also produce an additional $25% ($7,500.00) in foreign monetary value. In addition to this, the investor will also get a $25% increase on all money he initially invested as well. So if he bought the unit by putting $30,000.00 down (90% financing), he would make an additional $7,500.00 on his original capital as well. He doubled the value of his currency exchange, in addition to making full market appreciation as well. (See side graph for example [click to enlarge])

Because currency is leveraged, the ratio of the profits from the currency exchange will slightly lower over time if left Purchase of real estate with exchange rate factor untouched. Compare the results of holding units for two years (the above graph), to holding units for four years (the side graph [click to enlarge]). Despite making a consistent 5% return on the investment, the relative growth, when including the currency exchange, goes from 75% down to 69%. The reason for this is the lack of compounding. . . or to put it another way the lack of leveraging your profits as well as leveraging your original capital.

If we again use the same variables as before, the graph below demonstrates how compounding and re-leveraging can greatly increase overall wealth as it relates to both market appreciation as well as the arbitrage of money with the foreign currency exchange. More efficient leveraging and more efficient compounding will always retain a higher ratio of return and the greater accumulation of wealth. When the currency exchange is used properly, this enhanced wealth will come more quickly.

Purchase of real estate with exchange rate factor

As noted throughout our website, the goal of Freedom Day Consulting Inc. is to invest money in the most efficient format possible. This includes reductions in costs and greater utilization of leveraged capital. As a company, we economically calculate the most efficient way to invest, and then get builders to structure transactions most productive to our format. The Monaco project is a great example of our strategy. We have structured the deals that provide investors with complete hassle free investing. Monaco will pay closing costs (allowing you to get full leveraging on all money you put down), plus Monaco will also pay, two years of taxes, insurance, and rents. As an investor you will earn a 7.2% triple-net cap rate on rents and have no worries or hardships about your tenants or your property. At the end of the two year term, Monaco will give you options to keep or dispose of your property at reduced rates (sometimes zero costs).

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More efficient investing means stretching your dollar farther, and enhanced production from an investment dollar produces greater profits for both sides of a transaction. Utilizing and leveraging the exchange rate is just another variable that allows foreign investors to increase their profits without increasing their time, hassle, or risk. Again, today's U.S. market favors the foreign investor – you won’t find a better time to buy a piece of American soil.

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For greater information on how foreign currency can be leveraged and arbitraged with real estate, contact FDC Services Inc.

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